Youth Homes



CFLC has been serving troubled youth for over thirty years in a residential setting. The children arrive with emotional and behavioral issues due to past traumas, that will limit their success as they transition to adulthood.

CFLC allows time and opportunities for healing through a treatment program that utilizes the ‘Power of a Normal Environment’, counseling, education, and independent living skill development. Caring staff members ‘parent’ the youth throughout the daily routine of chores, meals, school, outings, gardening, and care for pets and livestock.


Hemet House and Sunset House are six-bed Girls Homes that typically house our 16-17 year olds emphasizing Independent Living Skills, Education, Employment, and preparation for Transitional Living. The 3,000 square foot Hemet House sits on a suburban acre including a pygmy goat pasture and barn with lawns and flower gardens surrounding a circular drive.


Sunset House, just minutes away, is also a large four bedroom home with manicured landscaping and a swimming pool. Both homes afford ample personal, study and recreational space with privacy for visitations and family counseling. Individual and Group Counseling are provided weekly for each resident according to their personal needs. Both homes have a caring and teaching atmosphere that offers multiple opportunities for youth to have fun and prepare for success.



Hemet Ranch is a sixteen-bed program for girls, ages 13-17. Nestled in a small canyon, surrounded by rocky hills Hemet Ranch is almost an oasis in the desert with its lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens sitting on just about 3 acres. There are two homes with nine bedrooms in total with plenty of space for fun and activities. The ranch hosts a basketball and volleyball court, swings, swimming pool, and an animal yard with small ranch animals to help teach our girls “The Concept of Care”. Education, Behavioral Adjustment, Life Skills, Sobriety, Positive Life Choices, Individual and Group Counseling, and Family Therapy are provided for each resident according to their personal needs.


Referrals can be sent to our Intake Manager by email, fax, online referral, postal service, or just call our Administrative Office.

Intake Manager

Beth Martin

Office (951) 765-6955

Fax (951) 765-6966

Cell (909) 816-1044

online referral form

Administrative Office - 930 N. State St., Hemet, CA 92543

Mailing Address - P.O. Box 727, Hemet, CA 92546-0727

Group Home Director

Sheila Stephenson

Executive Director

Mary Jo Ramirez

California Family Life Center (CFLC) is committed to giving youth a chance to overcome obstacles, heal from wounds of abuse and neglect, become contributing members of society. Youth are challenged to develop a greater sense of individual values and morals to help improve prospects for their future and the future of the world they live in.

CFLC has five youth homes; Ranch Creek and Charlan Ranch are our six-bed homes for boys. Hemet House and Sunset House are our six-bed homes for girls, and our Hemet Ranch home houses a total of sixteen girls with two homes on the site. Please see our Youth Home tab for a little more information regarding the home.

Target Population: CFLC serves primarily an English speaking population with some Spanish speaking available. The following is a list of the type of population of youth CFLC is able to serve: (* indicates evaluated on a case by case basis)


Probation Wards

DCFS Dependents

     PAS Youth

     Serving Needs of youth with below average of intelligence *

     Special Health Needs *

Program Features

Individual & Group Counseling, and Family Therapy

Program Coaches (addressing the parental deficit)

Life skills, Participation in County ILP, Emancipation and Transitional services

Educational Mainstreaming, Public, Non-Public, Continuation, and Community School(s), G.E. D. Prep, and Community College (Tutoring available)

Agrarian Therapy (Concept of Care through the nurturing of plants, flowers, pets and livestock)

Athletic and Cultural Opportunities (Scholastic and City League Sports, Dance , Drama)

Youth Employment Program, Volunteer Experience, Community Service Projects