Annual ReporT

Annual Report

The year 2020 has presented unprecedented challenging times for everyone. The pandemic caused all of us to take pause and reflect on life itself. The first few words of our CFLC mission statement became our action call “To provide safety, comfort and healing"….. that is the heart of who we are. “As water reflects the face, so one’s life reflects the heart” Proverbs 27:19. The greatest gift is life with the realization that it can change in a moment. We look at this past year as if gazing at a running stream of water, things moving quickly, the bubbling up of depths so deep yet reflecting back our heart. Our heartfelt message is to provide compassion and love to children, youth and families that get caught in the chaos of things beyond themselves. CFLC helps children, youth and families to recover, heal, and build healthy relationships. Our staff address the unique needs and provides the quality care needed. None of this is accomplished without the generous support of our Board, donors, volunteers, and partners. Together, we transform lives, restore hope and reflect our heart.

-Mary Jo Ramirez
Annual Report

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