2022 Annual Report

A tree is not a forest, but together many trees create an ecosystem. What is it about trees that resonate so deeply with us? Is it their enduring strength and presence despite the chaos going on around them? It is similar to organizations that work together to create a strong community of care and hope.

In 2022 California Family Life Center celebrated 40 years of serving children, youth, and families. It was our touchstone year to honor our roots and celebrate our growth. CFLC services have increased and expanded in different ways to assist families, children, and youth.

Over the past 40 years, we grew from Group Homes for girls, to include job training and YouthBuild, to a Foster Family and Adoption Agency, Kin Care, and Safe Care. In 2018, our Group Homes transitioned to become a Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) to include the creation of a Mental Health Department. We again grew this year to include a Family Resource Network to help support families in the community. It is from our roots that we hold strong as we continue to grow and look forward to our future, with 40 more years and beyond as our roots grow deeper.

 -Mary Jo Ramirez, Executive Director 
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