Annual ReporT

Annual Report

There is a rhythm in our lives that we all have. A reasonably complicated rhythmic pattern occurs for each of us throughout life. During these past 24 months, we have had life altering changes in the rhythm of our daily lives. These complicated changes have made us think and do things differently.

Now we are living our lives through virtual meetings, online schooling,
and ordering more online. It is how we become more isolated from each other. We need the human connection. Often fear stops us from new connections but it is the rhythm and connections that push us forward encouraging the openness to new connections. 

That was and is CFLC’s year with new ways of connecting to our community, families, children, and youth. Our connection has grown deeper even during an unpredictable year. We have managed even through virtual meetings, virtual counseling sessions, virtual tutoring, online music sessions, online parenting classes, and online classes for individuals to stay connected. 

CFLC continued as an essential business to provide much needed services to our families, children, and youth in person.

“The separateness we thought we were creating melts into the unending dance of coadaptation and change as we become ever more aware of those from whom we cannot be separate.” (Wheatly and Kellner-Rogers, A Simpler Way). 

We need each other and especially now, 
that is our rhythm.

 -Mary Jo Ramirez
Annual Report

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