Send A Child To Camp

Abandoned and abused kids often turn to their religious roots for answers and inspiration. CFLC’s Chaplaincy Program supports our faith-seeking youth by sending them to camps, conferences and concerts, sponsoring them in humanitarian projects and providing teaching and study materials. CFLC kids meet new friends, find new ways to have fun and become part of a community of faith through our Chaplaincy Program.
The Chaplaincy Program is available to everyone in the CFLC family to help them through the inevitable crises of life. A weekly Bible study and "quarterly blessing breakfast” are sponsored by the Chaplaincy Program and are morale-boosters for kids, staff and foster parents. All chaplaincy services are supported through private donations specifically designated for helping CFLC kids find strength and hope through faith. Over 300 children and youth were encouraged in their faith through our Chaplaincy Program this year.