Policy For Sexual Harassment/Abuse

CFLC is committed to a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for anyone engaged in any form of sexual abuse or sexual harassment of youth. Sexual abuse and sexual harassment of youth is prohibited by U.S. Federal and California State Laws.

CFLC requires all staff, contract staff, vendors, volunteers, and visitors to document and report any suspected or observed sexual abuse or sexual harassment to the facility’s Supervisor, or the CFLC PREA Coordinator. 

CFLC will refer all allegations of sexual abuse to Child Protective Services (CPS), Community Care Licensing (CCL), County Worker, and to local law enforcement to investigate. Any allegation of sexual assault involving youth-on-youth will be reported to youth’s county worker and to local law enforcement. Any allegation of sexual harassment involving youth-on-youth will be investigated by the facility in which the incident occurred and reported to the youth’s placing agency worker.

CFLC will cooperate with county/state agencies and local law enforcement, while conducting investigations into sexual abuse of CFLC Youth and provide documentation of the allegation to investigating agencies.