core value

Core Values


Courage and Commitment

We are willing to take risks in our services for youth, to move forward, act boldly and to grow individually and as an organization. Our commitment is to advocate for youth and strive for excellence in our services.


We believe that people perform the best in an environment that promotes continuous learning and high expectations.

Customer Driven

In everything we do, we will keep in mind how our behaviors and actions will ultimately benefit our customers and we will strive to exceed the customer's expectations.


We will be honest, be reliable and do what we say we'll do. We believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.


We will treat others with respect and dignity and be tolerant of differences.


We will be accountable and do what we are supposed to do. At all times we will operate in ways that are responsible to youth, our employees, partners, stakeholders, and our community.


We will be open-minded and listen to others.


We will be kind, compassionate, and courteous. We will strive to create mutual and beneficial long lasting relationships within our partnership, with our customers, and in our community.


We will be caring, cooperative and informed community members.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

We admire innovation and new ideas, and proactively look for opportunities to expand services for youth. We believe in creative freedom within our common framework. We will embrace and adapt to change and seek to achieve continuous improvement.