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Foster children and youth, from drug exposed newborns to pregnant teens, need caring and loving homes with dedicated parents who will treat them just like family. Many foster children are abused, most are behind in school and all are looking to be part of a real family.

As a resource family you will play an active role in your foster child’s education and emotional/physical health. Foster kids need your advocacy at school and help with their homework, regular medical and dental checkups, many will be in counseling, and most will have frequent supervised visits with their natural parents.

Children may need to be a part of your family for a few weeks, or a few years, depending on the court’s’ evaluation of their parent’s rehabilitation. Regardless, each day a child is a member of your family is the greatest antidote to the abuse and neglect that brought them to your door.

Whether you are just looking to help these children for as long as they are with you or you wish to make them part of your family through adoption, they deserve the opportunity for a brighter future and that is why we are looking for good foster homes.

If you are ready to make the commitment these children deserve and:

• Can provide a stable, nurturing home and model healthy relationships.

• Are at least 24 years old and financially stable.

• Are in good physical health.

• Have not married or divorced in the last 12 months.

• Able to work with natural parents, educators, physicians, and therapists.

CFLC Adoptions

CFLC would be delighted to work with you throughout the process of your adoption. We will be there from when a child / children are first placed in your home as foster children, through finalization of the adoption process, when that child or children become full members of your forever family. We can also provide you with information and resources to assist you down the road.

Children adopted through CFLC Adoptions come to us as foster children, and our focus is reunifying children with their primary family - mother, father or other blood relative. This is the case for roughly 60-70% of the children we serve. About 1/3 of the children we serve will not be able to reunify with their primary (birth) family. Their "permanency plan" will be to find a guardianship home, or an adoptive home to provide a loving "forever home" for children in need of stability and security for a lifetime.

Please call CFLC at the location nearest you and a friendly, experienced recruiter will answer your questions and help you become an approved resource parent. The initial application can be filled out at the link below, saved, and e-mailed directly to CFLC at the nearest center to you (see below). 

Interested in being a Resource Parent? 

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After Hours Placement:
Hemet/ San jacinto 
Pam Elie-Dunkley: 951-634-4641

Sheltering Palms (Indio)
Jodi Wozniak: 818-319-8446

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For questions at our Hemet location Contact: PAMELA@CFLCKIDS.ORG

For questions at our Sheltering Palms location Contact: JCASTILLO@CFLCKIDS.ORG

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