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CFLC & Mt. San Jacinto College Art Gallery Presents...


The Eclipse Project - Flight

Reception: April 3 – April 20, 2023

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, 10 - 4pm

MSJC Art Gallery:

1499 N. State St. Building 1400
San Jacinto, CA 92583

The MSJC Art Gallery, California Family Life Center and Worth Visual Arts are pleased to present a.r.t.e.r.y.ʼs 2023 The Eclipse Project – Flight exhibit. This exhibition marks the eighteenth collaboration with California Family Life Center, a.r.t.e.r.y, and Worth Visual Arts. This year’s exhibition is made up of hundreds of images of birds in flight. The artists created and carved birds symbolizing the moment in life when they felt the feeling of flight and
freedom. These birds symbolize release, clarity, peace, vision and independence. These collaborative works have inspired the senior citizens and a.r.t.e.r.y mentors alike, to think about their lives in new and exciting ways. Senior artists working with youth mentors have felt a sense of rejuvenation and are inspired to share their life stories with them. Likewise, as the a.r.t.e.r.y mentors worked with seniors, it has inspired youth mentors to think beyond their current lives while motivating them to think about how they can be of service to others. We hope that their collaborative exchange has brought a sense of understanding and appreciation between generations. Together and sharing, they are able to build meaningful bridges between generations and understanding of each other’s life stages.

This feeling of freedom is gained within the stages of an individual’s life - much like a bird’s life cycle. Life situations, trappings and challenges in life draw not only an analogy to the bird world, but symbolize the world of a confined and/or caged bird. Once the individual (or bird) is released the true feeling of freedom can be felt, a feeling of release, no restraints, peace. Mentoring, art and community service are key elements to CFLCʼs a.r.t.e.r.y. Programs. CFLC and Worth Visual Arts were awarded the 2015 Americans for the Arts, National Association of Counties (NACo) and Honorable Mention from the Association of Counties Arts & Culture. The Eclipse Project exhibit emphasizes mentoring skills, focused on the transference of creative energy, and goals through art within their communities. A.r.t.e.r.y. opens opportunities to future career paths to youth mentors, while bridging all program objectives to positive endeavors within their community. By exhibiting their artwork at the MSJC Art Gallery, youth are exposed to college as a more attainable path for their future while assimilating comfortably in a college atmosphere. Senior and mentor introspective journals will be displayed and are a crucial part of the a.r.t.e.r.y. program. The journal entries help reveal the artists thoughts on their past and present as their lives change and grow beyond their homes and comfort zones.